Northwest Indiana
Ph: (219) 934-2800
Fax: (219) 934-2810
Ph: (312) 666-4700
Fax: (312) 666-4788
South Suburbs
Ph: (708) 474-8282

  1. Gateway is locally owned with a broad scope. Our customers include some of the largest and most complex organizations in the area. Most importantly, our service and support is proven, and we invite you to contact any organization on our customer list.

  2. Gateway is committed to the community. Dollars spent with Regal stay in the area by way of charity and through the tax base. For example, Regal is a supporter of the Boy Scouts Calumet Council with both financial resources and with time.

  3. Gateway is supported by over $ 100 billion in annual global sales. The stability and resources of these organizations are harnessed and made available to our customers without the bureaucracy of larger entities.

  4. Gateway recognizes that we are a service organization, not a product organization. As such, you will always receive a live voice to provide you with answers, no voice mail unless requested.

  5. Gateway understands the complexity of copier/printer equipment. Unlike many of our competitors, who are in other industries including office supplies and furniture, we have committed all our resources to the document production industry. This means we can do a better job supporting the equipment we market.

  6. Gateway employs a proven technical staff with an average tenure in excess of 20 years. This translates into courteous, expert service in a timely fashion.

  7. Gateway has established a service guideline, where over time, technicians receive comprehensive full line training, as opposed to a product specific philosophy.

  8. Gateway provides IManager, a customized web site providing customers with an innovative application that allows management of office equipment quickly and easily. This innovative tool offers many time saving features including fleet monitoring, logging of service calls, and meter reading entry.

  9. Gateway provides all technical staff with wireless Communicators for instant communication, response and immediate access to our manufacturer's expert technical web sites. In addition, these devices are networked directly to our automatic dispatch server. Technicians also have a regular customer base. This gives you a technician that knows your account and equipment.

  10. Gateway has implemented a unique 3 in 30 report to identify potential problems. If a machine has required 3 service calls in 30 days, our service manager is notified and personally evaluates that machine. If inherent defects are found in the machine, it is replaced.

  11. Gateway recognizes the importance of continuing education. In our opinion, a one-time information exchange is not sufficient enough to provide end-users with the comfort of operating the equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a standard business practice, Regal provides training on the same day of delivery, as well as continuing training support.

  12. Gateway uses industry leader OMD software, which is designed solely for use by copier/printer service organizations. OMD features auto-replenishment of technicianís car stocks of parts by determining the run rates of each item. OMD also automatically reorders from manufacturers based on the same formula. This reduces the chance of having parts recalls.

  13. Gateway recognizes the complexity of document workflow. At times, the solution is hardware only. At other times, the solution requires software or middleware. Most times, the solution requires a combination of all components. With a breadth of business disciplines, Regal is uniquely positioned to deliver or find the right solution.


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